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The Hustler Advantage

In 1964, Hustler® introduced the world’s first twin-lever zero-turn lawn mower. The twin-lever design created by Hustler is used by most all zero-turn manufacturers today. With a jump on the competition, Hustler quickly began improving the original design by implementing a rigorous R&D program to engineer, test, and push the envelope on what was possible with a zero-turn mower for the commercial market. In 2012, Hustler took these years of innovation and experience with heavy-duty commercial equipment and put that knowledge into a residential zero-turn mower called the Raptor®. The success of the Raptor led to a complete series of Raptor models, and eventually spun off the Dash Series. Today, homeowners rely on Hustler equipment for its durability, reliability and professional looking cut quality. They also depend on quality customer service, industry leading warranties and a dealer support network of over 1,000 US locations.

Integrated Park Break

Hustler was the first to integrate the parking brake into the twin-lever design. This simple design allows users to effortlessly engage and disengage the park break by opening and closing the steering levers as opposed to finding and applying a separate brake mechanism.

Smoothtrak™ Steering

Precision control to help trim and maneuver easily around obstacles. This steering system has been developed over decades of experience. Many have tried to reverse engineer this design only to learn that it's not one component that makes it the smoothest in the industry.

Heavy-Duty Decks

Fabricated welded-steel decks add strength and durability that outperform stamped decks found on other brands.

Tough Frames

Fabricated welded-steel frames, over-engineered front axles, thick front forks with heavy-duty caster yokes ensures your mower will last for many years. Our frames are tested for thousands of hours on grass and concrete test tracks with inclines and embankments. Our construction is superior to mowers at the same price point.

Simple Design

Who wants something you can't work on yourself? More engineering doesn't always mean more parts or more complexity. Quite the opposite. We engineer our mowers to have fewer parts and more access points making them efficient and easy to maintain.

Precision Cut Quality

Our decks are not only durable, but engineered to give homeowners a clean and crisp cut. This comes from decades of learning how the airflow inside the deck stands up grass during the cut. Make you neighbors jealous with a beautifully manicured yard and well defined stripes

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About T & S Mower Service, Inc.

We at T & S Mower Service, Inc. are proud to be an authorized Hustler Turf dealer. For over 40 years the T&S family has been fulfilling our responsibility to the community by using the gifts and talents of our knowledgeable and helpful staff to earn your trust. Like a trusted friend, we are here to help you choose the equipment, provide the service, or select the part you need to keep your home a source of pride and comfort. Since 1964 Hustler Turf has been a leading brand in the outdoor power equipment industry. Hustler's brand signifies innovation, quality, strength, performance and superior customer care. There’s nothing better than stepping onto a Hustler and feeling the quality, strength and pride of this brand’s American craftsmanship. Come see us today and see for yourself why you should join the Hustler Turf family. Learn More

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Hustler is proud to have industry leading residential and commercial warranties. LEARN MORE
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